If you're considering to have a trip to the famed Halong Bay in Vietnam, then you must check out different cruises available. You'll find that you've got tons of options including extended stays and short day trips. You can also pick the type of boat, length of the trip and which stops you like to make meaning, you are sure to find tours that suit your travel needs perfectly.


Most of the boats are going slowly through the bay so by that, everyone can see the majestic sites. On the other hand, each tour has a different destination like for instance, some might stop by at Dragon Cave while others at the Surprising Cave. Then again, there are cruises that are providing kayaks for the tourists to enjoy while others are stopping at floating villages.


Budget tours are also wonderful option for those who do not like to spend lots of cash because they see the scenery around the Halong Bay. While some of the budget cruises are nice, others are noisy and crowded. Many of them are offering overnight stays on a beach or on the water and they are providing meals as you're travelling. You can also buy meals and souvenirs from the water vendors, at the beaches or perhaps, you can bring your own meals.


Midline Vietnam Halong Bay cruises fare very ideal for those who do not like to spend tons of cash but still, like to have a wonderful and memorable experience. Oftentimes, the tour guides may speak some English and a bit more talkative. These kinds of tours are going to many of same beaches and caves but, they may be offering more time for kayaking and swimming. Midline cruises are often less crowded compared to budget tours and they are not picking up as many day trippers as others. The cruise operators might be willing to make special stops at the passenger's request. The good thing about this is that, lodging and meals are all included in the price.



These high end cruises are providing a bit more of privacy as well as quality for a certain price. Tourists are usually picked up by ferries and then, transported to the boat whereas other tours might require the passengers to walk on several boats to be able to get into the appropriate junk. You might have more room on boat because there will not be as many passengers.